Ukrainianіs vs Idiot

The most common questions today are: “Do you have electricity?”, “Do you have water?”, “Do you have heating?”.

Using the elevator has turned into a dangerous game of roulette. In the event of an emergency power outage, it is quite possible to get stuck in an elevator. People say to each other: When you get there, call me.”The apartment has supplies of water and food – all possible containers are filled with water. Our radio receiver works in constant mode. Our power bank is ready.

Sleeping bags bought in advance were accepted for the night. It is quite comfortable to sleep.

Grocery stores are open, but not all. Pharmacies and cafes are also open. The noise of electric generators can be felt on the street. Our energy engineers and communal services work real miracles. Any other country would already be in complete darkness.

Are we afraid? Yes of course. The further a person is from the front line, the more frightened he is.

Are we going to give up? Of course not.

Only an idiot can hope that the lack of light and heat can lead to the surrender of Ukrainians. This idiot sits in the Kremlin and flaunts his impunity by killing Ukrainian babies.

I hope the impunity of this creature will end soon. Absolute evil must be punished.

Autumn in Kyiv


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