Recipe for happiness or Ukrainian psychotherapy

Unhappiness. If you are an urban resident and you have a job and housing, but you feel some dissatisfaction with your position at work and in the society.

If you are not completely happy in your personal life. If you are in the long process of knowing yourself or are engaged in complex spiritual practices in order to achieve happiness.

If you are not understood and appreciated others and the whole world is up in arms against you.

You can try Ukrainian psychotherapy (of course, after consulting a doctor).

First of all, turn off your electricity, water and heating for three days. Also turn off the internet. Leave your mobile internet only. This internet should work intermittently.

Imagine that you come to the supermarket, but the supermarket is closed. There can be at least two reasons for closing: 1. Lack of electricity; 2. Air raid.

Start thinking about where you will get water and food. Praise yourself if you have a pre-made supply of both. Praise yourself also if you have a power bank.

All the time listen to the audiobook “Iliad” – the song where the ships are listed. Praise yourself if you have several lamps and battery-operated lanterns. You will be the best if you have a lamp that can be charged from a power bank or from the mains (the light can be on for several hours).

Lower the temperature in your apartment to 14 degrees Celsius and delay your salary by at least one month. Praise yourself if you have a warm sleeping bag.

Imagine that cruise missiles and Iranian kamikaze drones are flying over your head. Praise yourself if you have a radio that runs on battery and battery at the same time.

After the expiration of three days, begin to gradually regain the happiness of ordinary things.

First, turn on the light for yourself, but not more than 4 hours. After that, give yourself water, but only cold. Praise yourself if you have a gas stove.
Also praise yourself if you have a collection of TV shows and movies on your laptop. Give yourself a hearty pat on the back if you have some money to spare.

On the fourth day, return to your previous way of life in the sense of being able to enjoy the benefits of civilization.

If you continue to feel deeply unhappy and dissatisfied, then come to Kyiv now. A positive result will be guaranteed. 

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