Now is the winter of our discontent will make glorious summer by this sun of Ukraine

It is difficult to imagine who will undertake to accurately determine the huge resources and capabilities of Russian propaganda. Russia’s war against Ukraine provides only a glimpse of the consequences of Russian machine-gun propaganda.

Information-psychological operations fall upon the consciousness of Ukrainians like cartridges flying out of a machine-gun belt. This is Russian machine gun propaganda.

Just as wave after wave relentlessly rolls onto a rocky shore, so one Russian propaganda machine-gun belt replaces another, trying to sow panic and anxiety in the Ukrainian public consciousness.

Just as the Russian winter throws huge snow drifts, so the Russian propaganda is trying to cover the minds of some Ukrainians with informational snow.

The ultimate goal of these Russian information-psychological and propaganda operations is as simple as Peskov’s mustache: it is the weakening of the will of Ukrainians and, as a result, Ukrainian capitulation.

The constant air-raid signals, and the constant anxious anticipation of a vague but ominous threat, influence some immature minds of some Ukrainians. It is extremely difficult to remain unperturbed under the blows of cruise missiles and drones.

It is especially difficult to remain calm when frightening information is pouring from many sources. Russian troops will attack Kyiv again, Putin will use nuclear weapons, the Russians will never leave Kherson, Putin will use chemical weapons, the population of Kyiv must be evacuated, tomorrow there will be the biggest rocket attack in the entire war. This is an incomplete list of psychological threats spread by both Russian and Ukrainian sources.

One should also take into account the particularly brutal nature of this war and, as a result, a lot of video and photo evidence of Russian atrocities in the occupied Ukrainian territories. Smartphones have turned the Russian-Ukrainian war into a real-time documentary.

A waterfall of negative information could break the will of any other people, but not the will of Ukrainians.

Waves roll on Gibraltar, but the rock stands unshakable. So the Ukrainian public consciousness suffers from Russian propaganda, but remains indestructible. 

The snowdrifts and the blizzard of Russian propaganda will disappear in one near spring day. 

And when summer comes, the prophecy of one wise man will come true: “Russia will die when the Ukrainian sun rises!”.

Recipe for happiness or Ukrainian psychotherapy

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