Kyiv: Highlights of the Week

🎄A symbolic Christmas tree of invincibility will be set up in the capital. There will be no mass entertainment events, food courts, fairs, or attractions on Sofia Square. The tree will be installed and decorated at the expense of private businesses and donors.

🔋USB charging points have been set up at 19 Kyiv metro stations. The network of points for recharging phones in the metro will be expanded.

⚡️If electricity is completely lost, buses will run on all ground transport routes, but the metro will not transport passengers. A total of 45 underground metro stations will operate as temporary accommodation points for the population.

🤍Over 200,000 internally displaced persons have registered in Kyiv since February 24, including more than 36,000 children. Among the internally displaced persons are more than 61,000 pensioners and about 12,000 people with disabilities.

📦5,000 emergency boxes from socially responsible businesses will be installed in the elevators of Kyiv’s multi-storey buildings. Each box includes wet towels, dry wipes, garbage bags, cookies, water, disposable cups, and sedatives.

🩸HIV testing and all types of medical care for HIV-positive people in the capital remain reliable, free, and accessible despite the martial law. It’s recommended for people who either haven’t been tested for HIV infection at all or have done it long ago.

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